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DIN and EN standards for pipes/tubes

DIN standardEN standardProduct
Steel pipes for water
2440/2441 10255 Threaded pipes
2444 10240 Hot-dip galvanized coatings
2460 10224 Steel pipes, pipe accessories and fittings for water and drinking water
Seamless pressure-resistant pipes/tubes
1629/1630 10216-1 Pipes/tubes of unalloyed steels with defined properties at room temperature
17175 10216-2 Boiler pipes/tubes
17179 10216-3 Pipes/tubes of fine-grained steels
17173 10216-4 Pipes/tubes of lowtemperature steels
17458 10216-5 Austenitic stainless steel pipes/tubes
Welded pressure-resistant pipes/tubes
1626 10217-1 Pipes/tubes of unalloyed steels with defined properties at room temperature
17457 10217-7 Austenitic stainless steel pipes/tubes
Tubes for structural applications
59410 10210 Hot finished structural hollow sections (square and rectangular)
17121 10210 Seamless hot finished structural hollow sections (circular)
59411 10219 Cold formed structural hollow sections (square and rectangular)
17120 10219 Welded cold formed structural hollow sections (circular)
4427 39 Scaffolding tubes
1615 non-standardized Welded tubes with no specific requirements
2395 10305-5 Square and rectangular tubes
17455 10296-2 Welded stainless steel tubes
17456 10297-2 Seamless stainless steel tubes
Precision steel tubes
2391 10305-1 Seamless cold-drawn precision steel tubes
2393 10305-2 Welded drawn precision steel tubes
2394 10305-3 Welded size-rolled precision steel tubes
2391/1630 10305-4 Seamless tubes for hydraulic and pneumatic pressure lines
2395 10305-5 Welded size-rolled square and rectangular precision steel tubes
Line pipes for gas and flammable liquids
2470-1 10208-1 Gas line pipes for permissible working pressures up to 16 bar
2470-2/ 17172 10208-2 Line pipes for gas and oil onshore
Pipes/tubes for machining and mechanical engineering
Non-standardized 10294-1 Carbon steel pipes/tubes for mechanical engineering (hollow bars for machining)